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BREEAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is used to assess the sustainability of new developments. A pre-development assessment is undertaken and recommendations made by various specialists, including ecologists. The specialist reports are then compiled and assessed by an accredited assessor who will issue an interim accreditation certificate. The development will then be assessed again following completion of the development when the final BREEAM certificate is awarded. There is now an updated 2018 BREEAM manual in which credits differ to previous versions. We are proficient in delivering the newest BREEAM criteria.



CES conduct the Land Use & Ecology section of the BREEAM assessment. Within the land use and ecology section there are usually five categories (more are available under certain BREEAM schemes): LE01: Site selection LE02: Ecological value of site and protection of ecological features LE03: Minimising impact on existing site ecology LE04: Enhancing site ecology LE05: Long term impact on biodiversity To gain certain credits, a Suitably Qualified Ecologist with full membership of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management is required to have surveyed the site and make recommendations for ways the developer can enhance the post-development ecological value of the site.


A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (link) or other appropriate form of survey is required at the pre- development stage to provide the baseline information for the assessment. We conduct PEA surveys which provide the baseline ecological information required to conduct a BREEAM Land Use & Ecology Assessment. If we are made aware of the need for a BREEAM Assessment at the initial quoting stage, site specific recommendations can be made in the PEA report that are in keeping with the proposed development. Involving Cheshire Ecological Services at this early stage can lead to more credits being available within the Land Use and Ecology section and reduce the need for additional surveys to be undertaken.


Please contact us to discuss your specific project or to request a quotation for conducting a BREEAM Land Use & Ecology Assessment

For more information visit the BREEAM website or click here to see more information about the land use and ecology categories.