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Ecological Appraisal


The Ecological Appraisal provides a general overview of the habitats present within a site and assesses the potential for legally protected species and species of conservation concern (plants and animals).   The findings can be used to identify potential constraints to a proposed development and planned changes in land-use.  Equally, the appraisal can identify opportunities to enhance the site’s value to wildlife through appropriate management interventions and habitat creation.

This type of survey is suitable for the likes of smallholders and Parish Councils looking to enhance parcels of land for the benefit of wildlife and the public, and for those who do not require planning permission for their proposals.   Alternatively, this service can be particularly useful at the very early stage of a development project (e.g. pre-purchase) as it will identify what, if any, detailed follow-on ecological surveys will be required to support the application.  This allows the timing and cost implications to be factored in at an early stage, thereby reducing the risk of future delays and unforeseen expense.

Ecological Appraisal
Ecological Appraisal


The Ecological Appraisal involves a desk-top review of OS and aerial mapping, and a site walkover inspection by an experienced ecologist.  It may be conducted at any time of year as it seeks only to provide an overview of the habitats present and their suitability to support protected species.


The findings are detailed in a succinct appraisal report which details the importance of the habitats that are present and the species that may be associated with them.  If the appraisal is required to inform a future development proposal then the report will detail what, if any, further ecological surveys should follow.  This report is not typically designed to be submitted alone as part of a planning application as a more comprehensive survey may be required by the local planning authority.

If the appraisal is required to inform the future management for the benefit of wildlife, then it will include prescriptions for habitat creation and management.  The report will also identify any potential constrains to such management interventions presented by protected species (e.g. great crested newts or badger setts) and include measures for mitigation. 

Ecological Appraisal

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